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The Licence

The Driver’s licence is to competition what the driving licence is to civil driving: it is the prerequisite for entering any race. There are several types and grades, depending on age, experience and the Driver’s list of results.

Licences are issued by the ASNs (National Sporting Authorities), namely the national Federations.

ASNs generally propose two licence levels: either national or international (there are also regional licences in some countries).

National licences, which may sometimes be valid for a day or up to a year, enable competitors to take part in so-called national events.

In order to enter any international event the Driver must hold an international licence, the conditions of issuing of which are governed by Appendix B to the International Karting Regulations and subject to a medical examination to confirm the Driver’s capacity to practise “Karting” sport.

Karting licences are specific to karts and do not permit the practice of the sport at the wheel of a car.

There are 4 grades of international Karting licences:

  • grade D for entering events reserved for karts of less than 15 HP
  • grade C is divided into 2 categories: grade C-Junior for 13 to 15 years old Drivers and grade C-Senior for Drivers who are 15 years old or older.
  • grade B, for Drivers who are 15 years old or older, which is issued on conditions of minimum results
  • grade A, the highest grade, for Drivers who are 15 years old or older, which is issued on conditions of minimum results obtained while having a B licence.

Holding a licence implies that its holder can only enter events recognised by the ASNs and/or by the FIA (including the CIK-FIA). Taking part in an event not authorised by an ASN or by the FIA is punishable by sanctions and by the revocation of the licence, as would any behaviour in serious breach of the valid regulations or of the FIA Anti-doping Regulations.

There are two other types of international licences in addition to the “Driving” ones: “Entrant” and “Circuit” licences.