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The CIK-FIA Categories

The CIK-FIA's mission is to set up international categories that may also concern national or even regional Competitions.The CIK-FIA has always chosen to govern the categories of Drivers who are old enough to apply for an international license (minimum age: 12 years). The management of the younger categories is left to the discretion of the ASNs.The CIK-FIA categories are divided into three...Read More

Superkarts reach peak speed in Karting

Purists sometimes claim that this discipline does not belong to the Karting family. A Superkart (formerly known as Formula E) does indeed feature the essential characteristics of a kart: tubular chassis, no suspension, transmission to the rear wheels via an axle with no differential, 2-stroke engine placed to the right of the driver and a fuel tank between his knees.A few rough numbers however...Read More