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The first kart is created in August 1956 in California (USA) by Art Ingels and Lou Borelli: it is a small vehicle with a tubular chassis powered by the West Bend engine of a lawnmower. On 14 September 1956, Art Ingels drives his machine around the pits in Pomona, where a car race is organised. Duffy Livingstone is among the witnesses of this first public appearance of Ingels’ kart. Seduced by it, Livingstone builds two examples for himself and a friend. In November, Livingstone carries out his first test and invites his associate, Roy Desbrow, with whom he manages a business specialising in the repair and manufacture of car silencers...Read More


In March 1957, these enthusiasts discover the Rose Bowl car park. The Rose Bowl is a famous outdoor theatre in Pasadena, where the karts are tolerated, even by the police! The small motor vehicles are such crowd-pullers that Livingstone, Desbrow and Bill Rowles decide to start marketing karts supplied in kit form. They create the first kart production company: the GoKart Manufacturing Company. The “Karting” phenomenon develops on a national scale on the American territory thanks to articles published in the magazines “Rod & Custom” and “Hot Rod Magazine”. Everywhere in the United States, artisans act as kart Manufacturers while...Read More


The few copies of American magazines which circulate around the world arouse passions on the other continents, and the first home-made karts appear most everywhere, built with whatever can be used, such as motorcycle engines or wheels of a rather large diameter. As for the first American karts, they are still only exported through American military bases, like in Japan or in Great Britain.

The first permanent Karting circuit comes into being in December 1958 at Azusa (USA), where the GoKart Manufacturing Co. – swamped with orders – sets up its new production unit.

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