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To forestall any thoughts of a kart being a toy, the GoKart Manufacturing Co. embarks upon an unusual demonstration: in July, it runs a kart for 7 days and 7 nights on a 2.5 mile circuit. The kart, at the wheel of which 28 Drivers took turns to cover 5,260 miles (8,463 km), only encounters two problems during this marathon: a leaking fuel tank and a collision with a giant jack rabbit... Night driving was ahead of a car which lighted the way!

A new club with national and international ambitions is created in the USA, under the name of Grand Prix Kart Club of America (GPKCA). In the following years many other associations are...Read More


The first Karting races are organised in Italy (Turin, Vallelunga, Grosseto and Monza), in Germany (Wiesbaden), in Denmark (Naerum stadion on dirt tracks and Roskilde on asphalt), in Belgium (28 February, on the Heysel Esplanade in Brussels), in the Netherlands (Zandvoort and Hoensbroek), in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Findel airport), in Ireland (TEK Dairy), in Spain (Barcelona), in Switzerland and in Poland (Stadion Czestochowa). The first Karting meeting in Portugal is held in December (Amadora), but the first official Portuguese race takes place in February 1961 at Lisbon, where the spectators, with their entrance tickets, are...Read More


First Karting meetings in Hungary (Budapest), in East Germany (Leipzig), in Austria (Donawitz on dirt tracks and Feldbach on asphalt) and in Uruguay (San José). On the “Pista Rossa” circuit in Milan, an event called “World Championship” is held on 17 September; however, retrospectively, in spite of being organised under the aegis of the FIA and of the Italian Federation, the event did not really deserve this title. Bobby Allen (USA) won the race reserved for 100cc karts, and Giulio Pernigotti (ITA), the 200cc race.

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