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2007 is the year of the introduction of KF engines, of the Italian Marco Ardigo and of British Drivers. Ten Manufacturers have embarked on the adventure of the KF engines chosen to succeed the 100cc thoroughbreds which upset the rev counters – so much so that they rotated at over 20,000 rpm! – as well as starting to be unreliable. For reasons of sporting, practical, economical and environmental logic, there was a need for an evolution more in keeping with the modernity of our society.

TFrom their predecessors, the “KFs” have only retained their belonging to the 2-stroke family. For their design, the Manufacturers had to...Read More


Marco Ardigo (ITA) followed in his own footsteps on the World Championship records. He also landed a fourth consecutive European Champion title, although he has to admit that he benefited from a dramatic turn of events with the retirement of Arnaud Kozlinski (FRA) in the final race of the continental tour, at Braga (PRT). Davide Fore (ITA) fills the last lacuna on his list of results by winning the event of Suzuka (JPN) which earns him the World Cup for KF1. In both Japan and the World Championship, Libor Toman (CZE) creates a sensation by obtaining two brilliant runner-up results. The World Cup for KF2 disclosed the name of its actual...Read More


The World Championship celebrates its 46th edition but it is only the first one on the Asian continent. It takes place at Macau. For the first time, Chinese Drivers participate in a CIK-FIA Championship. The running of the event is perturbed by the degradation of the new asphalt which the Organiser – in his concern about doing things well – laid two weeks earlier. The heats are interrupted on Saturday at noon so that the faulty surfacing can undergo makeshift repairs. On Sunday, racing is resumed on a track which can be used but is very dusty. The quality of the final does not suffer from the situation. At the end of a lively race even...Read More