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The FIA (International Automobile Federation) creates the CIK (International Karting Commission) in two stages. In March, a provisional Commission is set up, under the leadership of Mr de Peyerhimoff (FRA), but it is only ratified by the annual General Assembly of the FIA in October. It then comprises 12 nations and is chaired by Jean-Marie Balestre (FRA), for whom it is the first nomination to an official post within the FIA. He will subsequently create the FISA in 1978 and be President of the FIA from 1986 to 1993. The CIK undertakes to define technical regulations, carries out the homologation of 100cc engines and creates two...Read More


A European Nations’ Championship is set up by the CIK; it is a four-event series organised at Curno-Bergamo (ITA), Vevey (CHE), Frankfurt (DEU) and Paris (FRA). In the Teams’ final classification, France beats Great Britain, Belgium and Germany, and Jean-Michel Guillard (FRA) wins the unofficial individual classification.

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The first CIK Karting World Championship is organised in Rome (ITA) on the “Pista d’Oro”. Guido Sala (ITA) wins it ahead of Ugo Cancellieri (ITA) and Oscar Costantini (ITA). Besides the World Championship, the CIK continues to organise the European Nations’ Championship; after the events held at Vevey (CHE), Munich (DEU) and Paris (FRA), it sees the Italian Team’s victory.

Pierre Ugeux (BEL) is elected President of the CIK and will hold this post for seven years.

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