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Riccardo Patrese (ITA), who long held the record of participation in Formula One with 236 GP (until he was overtaken by the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello) lands the World Championship held at Estoril (PRT), ahead of Eddie Cheever (ITA/USA). Italy only just beats Germany in the European Nations’ Championship. Felice Rovelli (ITA) wins the CIK Juniors’ Cup at Rye House (GBR).

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François Goldstein (BEL) takes his fifth Karting World Champion title on the Castellet (FRA) circuit, being out in front in each of the three scheduled finals, and he puts an end to his kartist’s career. Elio de Angelis (ITA) finishes second on the very Castelet circuit where he will lose his life eleven years later at the wheel of a Formula One car. For the third time in a row, Italy wins the European Nations’ Championship. Ben Van Velzen (NLD) carries off the European 125cc Championship in his home land, at Uitgeest (NLD). Adrian Wepfer (CHE) lands the CIK Juniors’ Cup at Fulda (DEU), where practice is tarnished by the fatal accident...Read More


The CIK launches Formula Europe, with which the principle of the periodical homologation of chassis is introduced, a procedure aimed at freezing technical evolutions and, therefore, costs. As a result of a collision, Felice Rovelli (ITA) is black-flagged and disqualified at first, and then he is declared World Champion several weeks after the event, which is held at Hagen (DEU). Leif Larsson (SWE), who is initially declared winner, is moved back to second place. A European Championship is created for 250cc gearbox karts: its first venue is the automobile circuit of Oulton Park and it sees the victory of Dave Buttigieg (GBR). The...Read More