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In March 1957, these enthusiasts discover the Rose Bowl car park. The Rose Bowl is a famous outdoor theatre in Pasadena, where the karts are tolerated, even by the police! The small motor vehicles are such crowd-pullers that Livingstone, Desbrow and Bill Rowles decide to start marketing karts supplied in kit form. They create the first kart production company: the GoKart Manufacturing Company. The “Karting” phenomenon develops on a national scale on the American territory thanks to articles published in the magazines “Rod & Custom” and “Hot Rod Magazine”. Everywhere in the United States, artisans act as kart Manufacturers while GoKart quickly comes to produce 500 karts per month! For his part, Art Ingels leaves the racing car company which employed him until then to devote himself exclusively to Karting and, with Lou Borelli, he launches the make Caretta.

By dint of being hunted down by the police and of seeing various types of karts appear, some enthusiasts led by Don Boberick and Marvin Patchen decide to set up an official body to regulate Karting activities and implement sporting and technical regulations: the Go Kart Club of America (GKCA). Some parts of the technical regulations set up by this association will remain unchanged until today. Such is the case for track dimensions, which must be at least equal to two thirds of the wheelbase. Under the initial rules, the capacity classes are 84cc, 168cc and 270cc. The GKCA manages to obtain the authorisation of those in charge of the Easland Shopping Center in West Covina to use their car park twice a month. An initial race, considered as the first official competition in the history of Karting, is organised there at the end of December.