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Edgardo Rossi (CHE) achieves a masterstroke in Monaco, last of the three rounds of the World Championship, after the Vevey (CHE) and Dusseldorf (DEU) events. He changes his race clothing before the last final, so his opponents can no longer identify him and, too busy fighting one another, the favourites François Goldstein (BEL) and Giulio Pernigotti (ITA) let the outsider Rossi pull away and win the title! Susy Raganelli (ITA) had won the Vevey round but she was weakened by an injury suffered in an accident during the Paris 6 Hours and she was not fully able to defend her title in the remaining events. The European Nations’ Championship held at Lissone (ITA), Coo (BEL) and Villacoublay (FRA) is won by France ahead of Italy and Switzerland. The CIK creates a Ladies’ European Cup, the sole event of which is held within the framework of the European Nations’ Championship final at Villacoublay (FRA). Mrs Asselbur (FRA) is the winner ahead of Miss Jenny Philpotts (GBR).