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François Goldstein (BEL) grasps his fourth supreme title at Kalmar (SWE) in spite of assaults which are so unsportsmanlike that they look like real aggressions from Drivers who defend the interests of a rival engine make. Goldstein gets through all these pitfalls (including having to qualify via the second chance heat!) before forestalling Brandhofer (DEU) and Steeds (GBR). In the European Nations’ Championship, Great Britain puts an end to Germany’s four consecutive titles. The CIK tries to launch an FIA Endurance Challenge but only one of the three scheduled events is actually held, and the idea of continuing endurance competitions at the international level is abandoned. The yearly Juniors’ “powwow” takes place at Vojens (DNK) and sees Derek Bliss (GBR) prevail ahead of Harm Schuurman (NLD) and Mark Hewitson (GBR). For the first time, kart races are organised in Rumania, where the Federation will set up an official national championship two years later. As a matter of interest, the first Rumanian Karting Federation was set up by the national Federation of… model building!