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2006 is a farewell tour for 100cc karts called upon to be replaced from 2007 by a new generation of engines (KFs). The World Championship enjoys an extraordinary outcome and its classification is modified a few weeks after the race: new elements in the form of video recordings reveal that several Drivers, including the winner Francesco Antonucci (ITA), benefited from forbidden mechanical interventions during the interruption of the final because of a shower. Davide Fore (ITA) is proclaimed World Champion. And Fore will also be declared winner of the World Cup for Super-ICC without being the first to cross the finish line. On his home ground, at Mariembourg, Jonathan Thonon (BEL) was the fastest man but because of a slight anticipation of the start he was imposed a penalty which had big consequences. The World Cup for Formula A in Japan, so prosperous in the 1990’s, is revived and sees the win of Arnaud Kozlinski (FRA). The new World Cup created for the ICA category is carried off by Mike Courquin (FRA). A historical record is broken when the CIK-FIA records some 446 entries for its European ICA and Junior Championships. The prize-winners of these competitions with very large fields are respectively Nicola Nole (ITA) and Miki Monras (ESP). The European Championships of the gearbox kart categories are won by Roberto Toninelli (ITA) in Super-ICC, Ernest Behrens (DEU) in ICC and Graham Barker (GBR) in Superkart.

A new bodywork element is introduced on karts entered in the CIK-FIA Championships: it is a rear wheel protection aimed at reducing the number of collisions and accidents due to wheels overlapping.