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The World Championship celebrates its 46th edition but it is only the first one on the Asian continent. It takes place at Macau. For the first time, Chinese Drivers participate in a CIK-FIA Championship. The running of the event is perturbed by the degradation of the new asphalt which the Organiser – in his concern about doing things well – laid two weeks earlier. The heats are interrupted on Saturday at noon so that the faulty surfacing can undergo makeshift repairs. On Sunday, racing is resumed on a track which can be used but is very dusty. The quality of the final does not suffer from the situation. At the end of a lively race even given spice by the arrival of the rain after a few laps, Arnaud Kozlinsky (FRA) prevails ahead of the cadet of the event, Aaro Vainio (FIN). A few weeks before, the young Finn had landed a European Championship which suffered from the absence of three out of the biggest Manufacturers. However, on the threshold of the year 2009, KF1 had been transformed into a much more liberal Super-KF so as to meet the wishes of these major Manufacturers. It did not prevent the CIK-FIA Championships from beating their record of yearly participation, with a total of 1,469 validated Drivers’ entries!

A small prodigy made a remarked entry on the international scene: Nick de Vries (NDL). He easily landed the European Juniors title (KF3) and outrageously dominated all the phases of the World Cup for KF3 except the final, for which his Team committed a mistake as regards his equipment, which resulted in an inefficient engine. Giuliano Niceta (ITA) won that World Cup (newly introduced by the CIK-FIA) ahead of Jake Dennis (GBR) and Pierre Gasly (FRA). The KF2 category was the framework for two of the most extraordinary finals of the decade: in the Viking Trophy, Kevin Munkholm (DNK) recovered from the last to the first place. As for the World Cup, it ended in an action-packed final with two totally crazy last racing laps out of which David Da Luz (PRT) comes as the winner.

In order to tend towards better self-discipline of the Drivers on the track, the CIK-FIA has experimented the fitting of miniature on-board cameras on all karts. These spying cameras had the expected effect and there were fewer unsportsmanlike manœuvres and extra safety.

On 23 October, Jean Todt (FRA) is elected President of the FIA and Nicolas Deschaux is designated as President of the CIK-FIA.