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CIKFIA Specific Internal Regulations

Article 3 – Composition


The CIK-FIA shall consist of a maximum of 36 members elected by the General Assembly on proposal of the World Council, including:

- up to 32 titular members and 32 deputy members, whose candidatures shall be submitted by ASNs with significant Karting activity at national level,

- one representative of the Promoter and one representative of the Manufacturers, of different nationalities.

Each member as well as the President and the Vice-President of the CIK-FIA shall have one vote.

In order to be eligible, members or their deputies must provide proof of experience and of their active and current involvement in the supervision and organisation of Karting activity at national level under the territorial competence of an ASN. The World Council alone is competent to decide on the respect of the above criteria.

The CIK-FIA has a specialised administration within that of the FIA Sporting Department.


Article 4 – Meetings


The CIK-FIA meets prior to the meetings of the World Council. The meetings of the CIK-FIA must be scheduled for dates compatible with the periodicity of the meetings of the World Council. If the meetings of the CIK-FIA are held on dates close to the meetings of the World Council, the CIK-FIA’s proposals shall be submitted in the dossier of the following World Council meeting and their application will then be postponed accordingly, except if an urgent measure must be taken immediately by the World Council in accordance with the stability rules.

All decisions are taken by a simple majority of the votes of the members attending. Votes concerning elections or designations are taken by secret ballot or by a show of hands if none of the members objects. In the event of equality, the President shall have the casting vote. Votes on other issues shall be taken by a show of hands or by secret ballot if a member so requests. Ballot papers bearing the name of persons who are not candidates, and ballot papers which have been signed or are identifiable, are considered to be spoilt. The quorum necessary for any decision within the CIK-FIA is set at one third of its members.


Article 5 – President


In accordance with Article 7 of the FIA Statutes, the World Council alone is competent to appoint each year the President of the CIK-FIA. In compliance with Article 14 of the FIA Statutes, he will be member by right of the World Council for the duration of his term of office.

The President could be assisted by a Vice-President designated by the WMSC.

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