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CIKFIA Specific Internal Regulations

Article 6 – Proposals


It is the task of the CIK-FIA to draw up proposals on the following matters:

a) A full and detailed written report, particularly as regards the introduction of new regulations and amendments to the regulations, to be submitted at each meeting of the World Council and included in the relevant dossier.

All such proposals will be examined by the World Council, which may adopt, amend or reject them.

b) A full annual financial report including the budget (provisional accounts, operating accounts and balance sheets which have been examined) covering all of the CIK-FIA’s activities, to be submitted to the approval of the World Council within the framework of the accounts of the FIA Sporting Department.

c) Proposal of the CIK-FIA International Calendar.


Article 7 – Working Groups


2 Working Groups are formed within the CIK-FIA:

- “Sporting Regulations - Calendar - Championships” Working Group,

- “Technical - Homologation - Manufacturers” Working Group.

In the “Sporting Regulations - Calendar - Championships” Working Group, 2 members will come from ASNs, 1 member will represent Manufacturers “A”, 1 member will come from the list of the Officials of the CIK-FIA Championships, there will be 1 CIK Expert member and 1 member will represent the Promoter.

In the “Technical - Homologations – Manufacturers” Working Group, 2 members will come from the ASNs, 1 member will represent tyre Manufacturers, 1 member will represent Manufacturers “A”, 1 member will represent Engine Manufacturers and there will be 1 CIK Expert member.

The members and respective Presidents of the Working Groups are appointed annually by the CIK President.

The CIK-FIA entrusts the Working Groups with the tasks they will have to perform and examines the reports submitted by these Working Groups before drafting a proposal to the World Council. According to specific needs, the CIK-FIA reserves the possibility to set up limited ad hoc Working Groups.

Any proposal relating to safety, to circuits, to alternative energies or of a medical nature will be forwarded to the corresponding FIA Commission (Circuit, Safety, Alternative Energies or Medical) for study prior to examination by the World Council. The CIK-FIA shall appoint from among its members 1 representative to attend the meetings of the FIA Commissions in matters regarding Circuits, Safety and Alternative Energies.

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