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CIKFIA Specific Internal Regulations

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Article 8 – Specialised Secretariat


Within the framework of the FIA Administration, the specialised Secretariat of the CIK-FIA is managed by an Executive Secretary appointed by the President of the FIA. Its mission is to ensure the dispatching of day-to-day matters and it implements the decisions taken by the World Council. It co-ordinates the administrative management of the CIK-FIA Working Groups and ensures liaison with the ASNs and the various organisations with which the CIK-FIA may co-operate.

In principle, requests submitted to the CIK-FIA will be processed by the competent CIK Working Group according to the nature of the request and, if applicable, in agreement with the CIK President and/or CIK Vice-President.

The Secretariat includes in particular a Technical Engineer and the personnel ensuring liaison with the ASNs, the Working Groups, the Manufacturers and the Organisers.  


Article 9 – Resources


The resources for the balance of the budget of the CIK-FIA shall include in particular:

1) the payment of the Manufacturers’ homologation fees;

2) the payment by the ASNs of the Championships / Calendar registration fees;

3) official or private allowances and subsidies which may be granted to it;

4) resources derived directly or indirectly from Karting sporting activities, including the CIK-FIA Championships.


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