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Name: Alain PROST
Nationality: French
Date of birth: 24 February 1955 – Saint-Chamond, France

Along with Elio de Angelis and Ricardo Patrese, Alain Prost is probably the person who best represents a pivotal period in international Karting: the time when, little by little, this discipline began to be considered as a school for future Motorsport champions. Like the two Italians it was in the early 1970’s that Alain Prost made his débuts behind a steering wheel.

However, nothing predestined the Frenchman to become a racing Driver. Alain was a football fan and dreamt of becoming a gym teacher. It was however...Read More

The Tecno Piuma

Name: Tecno Piuma
Created by: Gianfranco & Luciani PEDERZANI
Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 1963 – Bologna (ITA)

Half a century of Karting... There has therefore been much room for evolution. But the bases of modern karts were however set as from 1963 thanks to the genius of the brothers Pederzani, Gianfranco and Luciani.

In those days they produced the Tecno Piuma. This was a revolutionary kart for those days as it introduced concepts which are still used today.

So the Piuma is the first kart with the engine fitted to the right of the driver...Read More

The very first KART

Name: Caretta-West Bend
Created by: Art INGELS & Lou BORELLI
Nationality: USA
Date of birth: August, 1956 – Glendale/CA, USA.

Art Ingels was a mechanic at the Kurtis Craft Company in Glendale, California, a firm that built racing cars, notably used in Indianapolis. His friend and neighbour, Lou Borelli, worked for a petroleum company. Together, Art Ingels and Lou Borelli built the first kart in August 1956.

Art Ingels built the frame, using the same steel tubing that went into the racing cars....Read More