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The Sala dynasty - A name echoing through every decade of Karting

From Enrico to Ronni, including Fernando, Umberto, Guido and Oscar, the Sala family has accompanied the history of Karting since its arrival in Europe. Guido Sala will remain officially the first CIK-FIA World Champion, Umberto Sala was behind the creation of the Birel chassis that became famous in Oscar Sala’s era, while Ronni Sala continues to build on the heritage of the brand in the 21st century.


Before launching Karting chassis, the Sala family became known at the beginning of the 20th century for the manufacture and sale of bicycles, already in the city of Lissone where the Birel ART factory is now established.

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The very first KART

Name: Caretta-West Bend
Created by: Art INGELS & Lou BORELLI
Nationality: USA
Date of birth: August, 1956 – Glendale/CA, USA.

Art Ingels was a mechanic at the Kurtis Craft Company in Glendale, California, a firm that built racing cars, notably used in Indianapolis. His friend and neighbour, Lou Borelli, worked for a petroleum company. Together, Art Ingels and Lou Borelli built the first kart in August 1956.

Art Ingels built the frame, using the same steel tubing that went into the racing cars....Read More


Name: Giovanni PARRILLA
Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 21 October 1911 - Corigliano, Italy
Year of death: 1976

In 1959, Karting has still not yet really arrived in Europe. However, there is a man who knows that it will not be long before these small motor vehicles which have fascinated the Americans for two years invade the «Old Continent». This man is called Giovanni Parrilla. He has been a motorcycle manufacturer since 1946 and was informed of the fever spreading over the United...Read More